Love sharing those rare moments of yours with people or just prefer treasuring them by yourself. Whatever choice you make, Lightbox Photos will be your friend in the long-run. Lightbox Photos allows users to capture, enhance and share moments as they take place. So all you need is a camera phone, Lightbox, some sweet moments and Voila! you are good to go.

Developed by Lightbox themselves, the app has been very well integrated with the various options it has to offer. More than that, users will love the fluidity and the professionalism incorporated deep within the app’s ecosystem.

If iOS has Instagram and Apple users drool over the sheer presence of it, then very well Android users are no where behind with Lightbox Photos. Unlike other apps where syncing is a pain, the Lightbox Photos app automatically syncs all the photos captured through it to for safe storage. It is like having a Cloud storage right at your fingertips.

Social-Networking addicts will love the feature, wherein which the app allows for users to add Facebook and Twitter photo tabs for real-time photo updates within the app itself. Twitter photo sources supported by Lightbox Photos are Twitpic, Yfrog, Lockerz, Mobypicture, and Instagram. Further, unlike other social photo apps, Lightbox directly uploads the orignal picture to Facebook rather than a re-directing link. This makes photo viewing more convenient than clicking numerous time before viewing a pic.

The app features a plethora of one-click edit options, including, Instafix (color correction), Ansel (high contrast black & white), Lomo (Russian toy camera/vignette), Testino (enhanced color depth), Retro camera (70s old film look), Redscale, Cross Process, B&W, Sepia, Cyano (blueprint), Portia, Fisheye, Dotty, 8 Bit, Georgia, Sahara (Vintage camera effect), and HDR (simulates high dynamic range imaging).

Overall, the app is killer to say the least and finally brings Android an Instagram equivalent. A must have for every Android user who would just kill for maintaining a digital scrapbook.

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