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Where’s My Mickey continues the Where’s My series from Disney, and here you need to help the water get to Mickey by creating a path on the dirt, and along the way you need to collect stars. If you’ve played the other Where’s My games the mechanics will be very familiar, but there are some new elements that come into play here.

Where’s My Mickey has added various elements to the game including rainclouds, where water can be gathered and using the wind, transported to a preferred location. The gameplay is as good as the others in the series, but it really has the edge when it comes to the stories.

One of them has Mickey at the beach, and when tourists arrive, Mickey decides to put up a lemonade stand but he lacks water, and it’s your job to find some for him. In another scene, Mickey is in a deep cave where a flame is in danger of reaching some explosives and he needs water to put them out. Each scenario has its own victory scene in the end, so it’s not just a single story like in the other Where’s My series.

Where’s My Mickey is quite simply a great game, and the gameplay is as good as it gets. The cut scenes will leave you wanting more and the graphics are very sharp. This one’s a winner.

Where’s My Mickey is available on the iOS and Android for free. A version is also available for $0.99.

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