Looking for a quick, simple game that’s fun to play? Karoshi Factory is one game that fits that exact description. This is one of several Karoshi games developed by indie game developer, Jesse Venbrux.

Karoshi Factory is a basic game that’s filled with humor. However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The game is quite challenging and will definitely keep you on your game toes as you go through all 25+ levels. Karoshi Factory is the third installment from the Karoshi series. If you are completely unfamiliar with how this series goes, basically, your main objective is to kill yourself. Yes, it is a bit morbid but definitely fun and challenging. However, the main twist for this version is that you have the option to take control of more than one tired and bored businessman with a deathwish. You have to figure out how to help them achieve their goals. Pressing the spacebar allows you to toggle between the two main characters.

With this new character in place, there is an entirely different world of possibilities that you can do as you figure out how to help this little guy finish off their lives. Like most Karoshi games, this one contains about 25 mind bending levels. Understanding the physics of the items that are available to you is important if you want to finish off your character as well as the extra dude.

Definitely a game worth checking out.

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