Word puzzle games are a dime in a dozen, but Wordaholic from Radu Avramescu stands out from the rest; it is educational, it is well made, and it’s definitely fun to play. Even if you’ve played a lot of word puzzles on mobile, Wordaholic takes it to another level in terms of challenge without making you pull your hair.

When the game starts, choose a theme, after that the game produces word puzzles that you will need to solve. You’ll need to figure out the answer using an image or keyword and once you’ve got the answer, slide your finger in order, filling the blanks to match. Provide the answer and you can move on to the next level.

There are lots of levels in the game which you can unlock after completing the early stages. After you complete one of the puzzles you’ll be a presented with a factoid from the theme you chose, and the categories range from science to math to astronomy, animals etc.

Wordaholic is easy to pick up and suited for gamers of all ages. The graphics are simple but functional, and the colors and text are ideal for everyone who likes word puzzles. There are settings for notifications and sound effects that you can turn on or off depending on how you want to play it.

Wordaholic is available for both the iOS and Android, and both have more than a hundred levels so you’ll be playing this for a while. One of the knacks against educational games is they tend to be dull, but Wordaholic is an exception.

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