Royal Revolt is a reverse tower defense game with the developer Flaregames adding some nice twists that raise it above other similar games. It doesn’t just have really cool graphics but the controls are also easy to learn and pick up. In Royal Revolt, you learn that after spending time in school learning magic your father’s kingdom has been overrun by his siblings. Now it is your task to restore order to the kingdom and get the throne back.

As in a heart a tower offense game, you need to drag and get your character into all the levels of the castle. You need to overcome traps, towers, enemies and more along the way. But you are not going to do this alone as you also get ballistas, mages, archers and warriors to help you out.

Royal Revolt is way more exciting than regular tower defense games because you need to do more. You have to protect your mages so they can strike from long range, and you need to make sure your soldiers are where they need to be. You also need to contend with potions that can weaken your magicians.

While there’s a lot of frenetic action here, you also need to do a lot of strategizing and make tactical adjustments on the fly. This is one of those games that manage to implement new features while retaining classic elements that gamers love. Another good thing about the game is you get plenty of bonuses with having to pay for them.

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