Contract Killer Zombies 2 from Glu Games is a third person zombie shooter. The game is set in the Savehaven Research Center where your character, a female hero named Evelyn, has to battle hordes and hordes of zombies. Apart from offering some really nice visuals there is plenty of action here as well.

The focus of the game is very simple, and that is to kill all the zombies in sight. While the first game was good, Zombies 2 has much better graphics. Shoot the zombies and you will see their heads go off with blood splattered everywhere. And the great thing about Zombies 2 is you can use a wide array of weapons including shotguns, assault rifles, bazookas and other weapons. You can also kill the zombies with a baseball bat or the good old chainsaw.

Zombies 2 also makes use of auto fire so that once the targets are lined up, you can fire away and not worry about wasting the ammunition. This will also free you up from having to fumble around with the controls. This option is on by default, but you can turn it off if you want.

Most of the missions here in Zombie 2 are short and manageable so you don’t feel frustrated about getting stuck on a level. There are also several missions here that require you to assist and escort people. Zombies 2 gets harder as you progress, but that is par for the course, and there are currencies available you can use to upgrade your gear and guns.

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