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Allrecipes is a free Windows 8 application created by, and it’s one of the most comprehensive recipe applications you can download today. Their website is packed with recipes, and the best of them can be found here. If you love cooking or want to learn how, this is the perfect companion.


Allrecipes is full of fresh recipes that you will enjoy, as everything from appetizers to meals to desserts and everything in between is covered here. Once you install the application you will see a list of all the available recipes with complete instructions and guides to prepare and cook each one. The recipes here have been tried and tested, so you can be certain they are of the highest quality.

Another nice feature on this application is the favorites, meaning you can find recipes here for the ingredients that are at your disposal. If you don’t want to go out and buy a list of ingredients, then just choose the ones you have like cheese, chicken, etc, and Allrecipes will supply you with a recipe that only needs those.

Allrecipes also allows you to browse all the available recipes by type, so it’s easy to find what you are looking for, be it dessert, appetizers, main dish and so on. However, those aren’t the only features on Allrecipes, as you can also search by dietary preference. Even though there are many recipes here, you can search for those that are friendly to diabetics, vegetarian, vegan and so on.

Allrecipes is a complete recipe guide, and whether you/re a kitchen novice or wizard, you’ll find this handy.

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