Are you filial when it comes to good music? One-act filial is definitely feeling the same.

However, aside from the literal connotation of the word, C.J. Bergmen‘s new alias pertains to his devotion to the Being above us. In his best form here, the budding musician has mastered crafting contemplative Christian tunes for the modern times — a bag of songs so irresistibly appealing, even to a cynic or a skeptic.

His six-track, self-titled debut as ‘filial’ presents different stages of the human experience, ranging from the happiest (“Come On Fire”) to the despondent (“Isn’t It?”). There’s beauty in tragedy, for sure, and “Pull Yourself Together” lets the vocals side-step for morose guitar work that perfectly encapsulates sorrow: at a loss for words.

Variety is the name of the game; “You Dove,” with its light synth beats, treads indie-pop territory, while “My Soul Went” is an offshoot of grunge inspirations.

It’s difficult to box filial’s music to a specific genre, which signifies that he’s meant to transcend and debunk ’em all.

Track lisiting:
1. Come On Fire
2. You Dove
3. My Soul Went
4. Go
5. Pull Yourself Together
6. Isn’t It

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