Not all songs are meant to be heard while you chill out. Others might be too noisy, and others might make you too sleepy. But Kupek does it differently – they make it just right.

For those who like the sounds of John Mayer and Jason Mraz, then Kupek is a great alternative. Think of him as an open-source (read: free) alternative to alternative, relaxed rock styles out there in the market.

Great vocals, great style, and great lyrics – all in Kupek’s album entitled ‘Tries Again.’ it contains 10 cuts which will definitely be a mainstay in your media player.

Kupek might not have much information available in the cyberspace but we’re sure of one thing: he does make good music. And like other musicians and singers who are only waiting to be discovered, he offers his music for free under the Creative Commons Licenses.

One of the songs that caught my attention in this album is Don’t Bother. It’s something that you won’t usually hear from usual rock/alternative rock bands because of its beat (which closely resembles a fast waltz with a 3/4 time signature).”You’ll make a million friends, then you’ll throw them all away”, is one line in that song that will make you think about what you have now.

Another thing that you’d love about their songs is their nice words paired with nice music recordings. It’s like John Mayer crossed with All American Rejects, like in Good Book, which is definitely a good companion as you chill on your bed during one warm afternoon.

But if you’d ask me what would be my favorite track? It would be If You Weren’t Such An Asshole – for the win! I guess the title itself would put a nice smile on your face…and even more once you listen to that song.

Tries Again is certainly one of those albums that would make you think that free music is absolutely good music.

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