Wonder what it’s like to live in small town America? Let this band’s ‘egos’ tell you like it is.

Composed of five members – Marilu Wiesner for voice and banjo, Alissa Chen for drums, violin, and bass, Wilson Dean for guitar, and Johnny Wittnebel for bass, drums, and voice – dUPONd DUPONt are showing everyone that suburban sarcasm isn’t as dull as everyone thinks.

“I’m a truth tailor, a story teller,” Wiesner croons on the opening track “Egos in Small Town America” (also the EP’s name), which narrates how people’s back-biting egos aren’t that different from those in the big cities.


Disillusionment kicks in the bluntly-titled tracks, “Sick of Small Town America,” and “Negativity in Small Town America” but those all dissipate come the finale, “Southern Comforts,” proving that nostalgia and the little flaws make life in small town America as human and real as it can be. [With a little help of folk music, that is.]

Track list:
1. Egos in Small Town America
2. Friends in Small Town America
3. Sick of Small Town America
4. Negativity in Small Town America
5. Southern Comforts

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