Many years and counting, and we’re still looking for that seminal pop-rock record to stimulate our bubbly senses.

A worthy contender comes in the form of Callaghan, a relatively new female act that possesses a solid set of heart-wrenching tunes. Born as Georgina Callaghan, the 31-year-old prodigy has been hard at work since the latter part of the previous decade, and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Her latest EP, 40 States and Counting, is a cute (in the positive sense of the word) collection of ‘easy to listen’ tunes: half of which are choice cuts from her debut record Life in Full Colour, while the others are from Callaghan: Live in America.

Although the 6-track set is clearly a sampler for her first-time listeners, it undoubtedly shows the impressive range she’s capable of reaching, stylistically.

Each of the studio entries are sure to summon recollections of Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan due to their familiar yet earthy melodies, and is magnified even more on the live tunes. [“When You Loved Me” is a new favorite.]

Callaghan. A new name to remember.

Track listing:
1. Best Year
2. Look Around
3. Close My Eyes
4. Green Eyes (live)
5. When You Loved Me (live)
6. If This Is Love (live)

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