While everyone is waiting for Beg, Borrow, and Steal, it might be a good option to check out Happy Neon first.

Neon Hitch, the self-proclaimed gypsy who’s slowly making waves in the hip-hop world as the new “it” collaborator, shows a soulful side via her new EP. She glides through existentialism in style, thanks to the eclectic harmonies by producer Happy Perez.

The Eastern-tinged “Pink Fields” kicks off the collection, and sees Neon going to her special place (pink fields, that is) in a deliciously trippy way.

This is followed by the ‘honeymoon’ anthem “Midnight Sun” that’s just downright explicit. Lyrics like “he wanna f*ck me like a rockstar”? Blunt as the midnight sun.

Edgy productions of “The Wizard Believe” and “Jailhouse” are next, which might probably be some of her darkest material yet. And we’re not complaining.

She gets a bit personal and light in “Born To Be Remembered“, the most radio-friendly material in the EP, albeit taking cues from the weight of the previous tracks.

Neon Hitch, when taken seriously, is actually a plausible hitch ride to eargasm. Who knew?

Track listing:

1. The Bus
2. Pink Fields
3. Midnight Sun
4. The Wizard Believe
5. Jailhouse
6. Born To Be Remembered

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