The power of reggae music lies in its power to impact social, cultural, and spiritual norms, which is greatly reflected in Dominic Balli‘s latest release. Not For Sale is a 12-track album that evokes memories and personal themes punctuated with lush, funky melodies.

Dominic Balli’s musical roots are deep. Once a hopelessly tone-deaf teenager, Balli creates music from his life story, emotions, and journey about overcoming his musical ineptness. “Music is a gift. And I feel like the Creator gave it to me. I mean, I went most of my life being one hundred percent musically inept, and totally unable to sing, and then one day it was like, Here. This is yours. Use it,” Balli says on his website when asked about his musical roots.


In Not For Sale, Balli introduces his story to the listeners, from the birth of his child to realizing how traumatic his childhood was. This vulnerability is what makes Balli’s music so enticing, as clearly shown in No Stopping Us. In this track, Balli utilizes hand-clapping beats and strong vocals while he tells us the story of his family and how he grew up.

Spread some positive vibes in Dreamers. Playful whistling adorns the ears while Balli gives life to well-penned lines that will surely put a smile on your face. Press play and let this charming piece brighten up your day.

Title track Not For Sale concludes the collection in a moving intro of children singing “We are not for sale.” This intro slowly transcends to solid riddims, potent vocals and highly addictive rhythm that will make you move.

All in all, Not For Sale is both tough and sweet. Savoring both the playful melodies and chill vibe of Dominic Balli’s sound result in satisfaction that’s more than ample.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. No Stopping Us
3. Come That Day
4. We Are One
5. Found in the Dark
6. Dreamers
7. Fly
8. We’ve Got Today
9. Heartbeat
10. Love is the Final Fight
11. Burn
12. Not For Sale

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