Let the chill vibes roll with Mouse Powell‘s nine-track album titled These Are The Good Times. Teamed with Tempe-based producer The Ref, this album is an ode to the artist’s passion for groovy hip-hop and pure awesomeness.

The collection opens with Heaven, a two-minuter piece that encompasses normal rap themes with humanistic writing that reflects Powell’s life and introspective thoughts. There’s a certain air of coolness featured through the spoken line delivery, which is laid onto a minimalist arrangement of keys and chimes.


In Two Weeks, Powell effectively questions his real self beyond fame and music. The rhythmic drum beats are tuned just right to inject some energy to the piece, maintaining its stand on the hip-hop stream, without bombarding the ears.

Brass Monkey is a culmination of what seems to be the artist’s musical influences. The track opens into a collage of samples from different genres, setting a mood and theme for the whole track. Subtlety is the key to Powells rapping, and he perfectly executes it throughout the whole piece via waves of pure laid-back verses.

Closing the album is What A Trip, a groovy masterpiece that playfully combines soul, jazz, and hip-hop. Listen as Powell tells the listeners the story of his life through well-penned verses while lush saxophone melodies entice the musical palate.

These Are The Good Times mirrors the influences, style and artistry of Mouse Powell and The Ref. What makes this album unique is the honesty and rawness. In every line, Powell sheds off his layers, creating laid-back hip-hop pieces that are vulnerable and close to the heart.

Track List:
1. Heaven
2. Two Weeks
3. Dancing In The Rain Ft. Andres Rodriguez & Carly Kastner
4. Brass Monkey
5. Tomorrow Ft. Kristina Moore
6. DGTW Ft. Kristina Moore
7. Good Times II Ft. Jason Devore of Authority Zero
8. That Shit Remix
9. What A Trip

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