Zabbix from Zabbix SIA is an open source enterprise program designed to track applications and networks. Originally designed by Alexei Vladishev, the program monitors network hardware, different kinds of network services and the performance of your IT system.

Zabbix gathers data from different sources in your network offering high performance levels so you can use it to monitor literally thousands of devices, virtual machines and servers. Apart from data storage, Zabbix also has visualizations, screens, graphs, maps and overviews. There are also several ways you can analyze the data presented.


One of the strengths of Zabbix is its ability to collect data and how it can be scaled to deal with big environments. The package includes a web based interface, user permission schema and user authentication service. There is also support for polling and trapping, and it is capable of gathering data from all popular operating systems.

Zabbix also supports agentless monitoring and use of WMware virtual machines. It can detect new devices and network servers, and because its open source, the code is accessible and there’s no vendor lock either. Setting up the program is quite easy and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Well done.

The program also has a centralized tracking system which contains all the data in a database so it is easier to process. In addition, the visualization helps you work with data faster, and there are several housekeeping tools which keep all the stored information intact. Finally, the program is updated frequently so any problems are fixed immediately.

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