Reporting Tools

News Bento

News Bento from is a free news reader developed especially for Windows 8. Though there are some news readers already available for Windows 8, News Bento has many unique features such as support for feed tiles, Surface RT support, support for keyboard and touch and more.


RSSOwl is a free multi-platform news feed reader that makes it easy to arrange your news and search for specific items. With this program you can sync your articles and subscription list. The program supports multiple tabs so the news feeds can be arranged side by side, and that’s just one of its features.


WeatherBug is an app for the iOS and Android that gives you information on weather anywhere in the world. Published by Earth Networks, the app gives you a large array of weather sensors, forecasts and alerts, all in real time. One of the nicer features is the early warning system so you get the data and will be prepared for what will happen.

Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts is a Windows program which enables you to track natural disasters and hazards very close to real time anywhere on the planet. Developed by South Wind Technologies, it tracks information on the web and delivers information on natural disasters and violent weather.


Zite is an iOS news reading app but it also offers personalized reading that other news readers / magazine apps cannot match. Developed by Zite Inc this app will bring you content based on articles you have read as well as the stuff that people in your social networks are talking about. This way you only get the info that you want.