Filebot by Rednoah is a free open source tool for renaming your favorite anime, TV shows and movies alongside the ability to download subtitles. The program is small and streamlined so it’s very easy to use. Also, there’s full support for Mac, Windows and Linux, with a full use of a command line interface.

The user interface is very simple, and support for drag and drop makes renaming very quick. With Filebot you can rename hundreds of files in seconds, something that would normally take minutes in other applications. You can also use it to match movies with TheMovieDB data as well as TV episodes, all while using AcoustID to match music data with MusicBrainz.

In addition, Filebot will help you to download subtitles of off OpenSubtitles and use them almost instantly. It makes it easy to create and verify Sha1, md5 and SFV files. The best thing about the program, however, is that you don’t need to mess around with dialog boxes as everything is set up as a drag and drop experience. The fact that it’s also platform independent is another plus.

The cmd line is well designed, and there’s a scripting interface for automating, and you can grab episode data from TVRage, AniDB or TheTVDB so the information on your computer is up to date. There’s also auto detection of movies, anime and TV series, and the naming scheme may be customized.

The list of features don’t end there, as Filebot supports different language preferences for episode titles and series, check sum awareness, directory tree comparison and more. Give it a try.

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