Can’t get enough of Angry Birds? Well now there’s Angry Birds Transformers from Rovio – a free to play game that is, contrary to what you might expect, not a physics puzzle title but an endless runner Angry Birds style. And it is a keeper.

The atmosphere and style is definitely what you will expect from the title, but the endless runner element is there too as you have to shoot the enemies on various structures. The Autobirds and the Deceptipigs use different weapons, and you have to use the right one for each level. Notably though, the birds can change into vehicles, great for avoiding structures and extricating yourself out of trouble.

Your objective is to take down the enemy as they stand over glass, wood and stone structures. To do this you have to find the structure’s weak spot and destroy it. If you do this, you get coins and you also get rid of the pigs’ equipment. The more successful you are the more upgrades you’ll get including being able to call other Angry Birds Transformers to help you out, and it helps to have plenty of coins too.

Fortunately you can get these coins in other ways. Aside from those mentioned above, coins can be found in treasure chests, and you also get bonuses when your Transformers are used in specific missions. The general feel of the game is keep running and shooting until you reach the end of the level but overall, this is a lot of fun.

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