Angry Birds POP! – Bubble Shooter from Rovio Entertainment Ltd is, as the title indicates, a bubble shooter. Before you dismiss this as just another generic game, it’s actually one of the better Angry Birds titles out there. The games in the franchise have been challenging and this is no exception, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing.

The early levels are easy and helps you get in the flow of the game, and if you have played mobile bubble shooters before the mechanics will be familiar. You use a slingshot system to hurl the bubbles, and this involves dragging your finger back and letting go to throw the bubble up.

Angry Birds POP! Is physics based like the other titles in the franchise, and for the most part it works well. Your basic goal is to clear out the bubbles, but to its credit the game adds a lot of variety. In other levels for example, you will need to clear a specific number from the uppermost row, so your goal there would be to reach the top as soon as possible rather than clear everything below it.

Another level requires you to free the pigs and make them fall onto the bottom, and then there are those levels where when you hit one of the bubbles the rest rearrange themselves, meaning you have to plan your next move. You’ll also need to be quick as some of the levels are timed, but don’t let these deter you as Angry Birds POP! is fun.

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