Daddy Long Legs from game developer Set Snail has a very simple premise: get a hairy creature called Daddy Long Legs to walk, but because his legs are so long, it’s kind of a challenge. It doesn’t sound like much, but Daddy Long Legs is actually very addictive due to its simple look; don’t be fooled though as the game is much harder than what you might expect. Every time you fail though, you’ll want to give it “one more try”.

Daddy Long Legs offers a unique take on the endless runner genre, where instead of running as far as possible, your goal is to simply keep walking as far as possible without falling down. To move you just alternate your two legs and keep walking. That’s really all there is to the game mechanics, but the challenge is getting Daddy Long Legs to walk continuously since he is hard to balance.

One thing you can do is have your character’s head in the center and lean back a little, as it adds a bit of stability when you walk. While your head is hanging back, allow your legs to walk farther than you typically would. Another trick is not to wait to make the leg switch, because the longer you wait the greater the odds you’ll fall down.

When you start the game, don’t let Daddy Long Legs make giant strides, and be content to just take a few small steps. Give yourself time to get used to the environment, and you will see just how frustrating and fun the game is at the same time.

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