WebPlus Starter Edition from Serif Software is a free program that makes webpage creation easy. Installation is quick and even if you don’t have a lot of experience making webpages, WebPlus Starter Edition will have you churning out professional looking pages in no time thanks to its templates and intuitive interface.

When you start the program you’ll see panes and options for styles and fonts as well as the tutorials. From there you can add media, photo galleries, navigation bars as well as change the color and the site structure. The default five pane arrangement should suit most but you can change the workspace.


The best way to start is with the Startup Wizard as that is where the page layouts are located as well as the color schemes. The color schemes are especially useful as it gives you a solid grasp of how a webpage should look without being too colorful.

Editing pages cannot be simpler as well: you simply choose a page layout and add or edit the content. It is similar to a DTP or word processing program as you select to highlight text, and images and elements can be dragged and dropped. Texts and images can be imported so figuring out how WebPlus Starter Edition is easy.

Basically if you know how to use Word you’ll learn how to design a web page with this program quickly.There are a lot of webpage programs available, and some of them are very expensive, but WebPlus Starter Edition is a good option if you’re a beginner as the learning curve isn’t steep.

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