free windows software


Snappy is a Windows application that allows you to take screenshots. There’s more than a few of these available, but Snappy is free and easy enough for even a casual computer user to use. Developed by OndaNera, it’s a very basic but useful utility.


Font Runner is a font manager for Windows, and while it’s free, the application has all the features you’ll need for font management. It was developed by John Famiglietti for the use of artists and graphic designers, but anyone who has a sizable font collection should appreciate it.

Windows Live Writer 2011

For people who prefer to write their blogposts offline, Windows Live Writer 2011 is your best solution. If you're running a Windows 7 OS, chances are you might already have this software installed on there somewhere. For those who are running an older Windows OS, you can grab the download and get started with blogging right away. The software is a great way to write your drafts and easily upload, even publish them, to your respective blogs. No more griping about losing everything the moment you lose your internet connection while saving. It supports blog themes, categories, tags and so much more that there's really no need to head to your blog's interface just to write your post.