Font Runner is a font manager for Windows, and while it’s free, the application has all the features you’ll need for font management. It was developed by John Famiglietti for the use of artists and graphic designers, but anyone who has a sizable font collection should appreciate it.

Once the software has been installed, Font Runner will tell you how many fonts are installed in your computer and retrieving them using the app is pretty easy from Windows’ font folder. Font Runner will also show you the properties of your font such as the file name, its size and you’ll also see a sample display of what the font looks like.


Font Runner also lets you specify the size that the sample text will use. Now if you want to take a closer look at the font, double click it and you’ll see the window where Windows displays fonts. Aside from being easy to use, Font Runner also lets you preview how a text will appear if you used a particular font. All you need to do this is to type text in the interface’s lower frame and you’ll see the result.

Aside from that, Font Runner also lets you choose attributes such as bold, italic or underline. There’s a preview mode here, but you can also use the Font Map if you want. Font Runner isn’t just about managing your fonts as it also lets you print all the fonts as well as the samples.

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