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Buying and selling stuff online has become commonplace on computers, but it’s still somewhat unwieldy on mobile devices. But if you want to buy and sell with your tablet or smartphone, you can give Mercari a try: this is a classifieds app that allows you to shop for clothes, gadgets, books and many other things.

It’s very easy to use Mercari: download the app and wait for the installation to complete. Take a picture of the object you want to sell, create a listing on the app and add some detail about it and post. The app is only 20 MB so it will only take a few seconds to download, and the interface is clear cut and easy to understand: once you add a few details, choose a category, the conditions and shipping details, and you’re done.

It also helps that there’s a pretty active Mercari community so you’re not going to have any trouble finding new and secondhand stuff to purchase, and they’re usually sold at very low prices. The app is updated continuously but currently there are six categories available for browsing.

mercari screenshot

The selection is vast so you can find lots of consumer electronics, books, furniture, fashion accessories and even vintage stuff. If you find an item you want to buy, or you’re a seller and needs to answer some queries from a buyer, you can communicate via the built-in instant messaging feature.

Finally, the listings you make can be shared on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and you can monitor the shipment status of an item. When the item’s been shipped you’ll be notified immediately too.

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