3D Compass from Sam Lu is one of the best apps that showcase the potential of augment reality. Augmented reality simply means adding to the things that is being displayed on your camera, and 3D Compass does exactly that, adding real time information on your device.

With 3D Compass you’ll be able to see where you’re going in real time complete with degrees, headings and all the features you’d expect from a compass. Several types of compass are available, making this a very useful app if you’re visiting unfamiliar territory.

As you walk in an unfamiliar area, you’ll be able to see from the rear of your mobile device’s camera, and the compass in the screen will notify you of the direction you’re going. As has been mentioned earlier, there are different compasses included so you can pick and choose easily.

The compass should be sufficient for most users, but there’s also a map for those who prefer it. In fact there are probably those who’d prefer to use the map along with the compass for better directions. 3D Compass by the way, is designed for use in both the city and countryside, although the map is probably more useful for walking city streets.

There are a lot of compass apps for Android, but most are barebones, so this one is definitely worth looking into if you want something more. If you need help with directions or just want to get a taste of augmented reality, 3D Compass will do.

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