Traffic Rider from SK Games is an endless racer that has you blazing through traffic, going as fast as you can while avoiding the other vehicles around you. This is not the first endless racer on mobile, but the cool graphics and easy to use controls and multiple game mode options will have you coming back for more.

When the game starts you can choose the color and tires and the setting – night city, snow, desert or city – and then you’re off. To control your car, it’s a combination of tilt and touch, and your car responds well when you change lanes or turn left or right. The game also does an impressive job inducing the feeling of speed as you make your way around traffic.

Traffic Rider is all about speed though, and if you can get to over 100 km/h you will zoom past the other cars in front of you and get awarded points. You also get points by going against the flow of traffic, and the more points you earn the more cash you’ll make. You can then use this cash to upgrade your car, get new parts or just buy a new car altogether.

That’s basically all there is to the game, but Traffic Rider is very well put together and provides engaging gameplay. Visually the game is attractive, and the sound effects are top notch as well. If you like racing games and pushing the pedal to the metal, Traffic Rider will offer hours of fun and replay value.

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