FreeOffice from SoftMaker is yet another alternative to Microsoft Office, but what sets it apart from the others is the emphasis on it being lightweight and easy to use. The suite comes with a word processor (FreeOffice TextMaker), a presentation program FreeOffice Presentations) and a spreadsheet program (FreeOffice PlanMaker).

TextMaker is compatible with Word and comes with a spellchecker and all the essential features you’d expect like tables, multiple layout options, and you can use it to create PDF files. The layout is intuitive and its use of familiar icons and menus should make the transition from other word processors easy.

The PlanMaker spreadsheet is compatible with Excel 2016, and you can even open Excel files with password protection. Entering data is quick thanks to it’s AutoCompletion, and the syntax highlighting helps when you’re working with complex formulas. The program also doubles up as a database as the AutoFilter lets you sort lists quickly with just a few clicks.

Presentations are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2016 and like PlanMaker and TextMaker, you can make PDF from within the program. But the highlights here are the scores of design templates, animation schemes, objects and text that make short work of any presentation. Basically you just need to create a new presentation using one of the templates and use any of the built in animation and objects, add your own stuff and it’s done.

FreeOffice has a straightforward installation process, and you have the option to install select applications (like Presentations only), and since it’s capable of opening file formats from popular programs, it’s a worthy Office alternative indeed.

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