Hyperlapse from Instagram is a free app that lets you create time lapse clips. In the past you needed a tripod and other tools to do this, but not anymore. In addition, Hyperlapse comes with an image stabilization tool for steadying videos. You also have the option to shoot the clips at normal speed and change it later, and there’s more.

When you launch the app, you’ll see the record button, your camera viewfinder and an option to switch from back to front camera. To manipulate the shot, tap the screen to adjust the lighting or refocus. Tapping to adjust the light comes in handy when the lighting isn’t that good or you’re going through areas with various types of lighting.

Tapping to focus may require a bit of work, so feel free to keep tapping the screen or press and hold until you get the desired results. As you’re recording, a timer appears that indicates how much time has passed since you started recording. You will also see how long the finished clip is at the default 6x speed setting. The image stabilization is one of the most remarkable features of this app as it stabilizes clips and clears them up, so even if you’re on the go the clips come out steady.

Once you’re done recording you can change the speed, save the clip, delete or edit it. If you save the video by tapping the check mark, you can share it with your friends via Instagram or Facebook. If you save the clip to Instagram you’ll have an opportunity to edit the clip and add more effects.

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