The number of political parody games about the upcoming US election continues to grow. Some of the titles have been just cash grabs, but others are a lot of fun. One of the better ones is Jrump from Oddboy & Apparcanum, where your objective is to send Jrump – obviously Donald Trump – into space.

Donald Jrump has become president of the United States and built a wall around the country and put an end to efforts to stop global warming. Having turned America and the world into a huge mess, he has set his eyes on the galaxy, to “make the galaxy great again”.

To send Jrump into space you have to create walls he can use to jump on. Swipe the screen to create a wall, and as Jrump jumps you have to draw walls he can land on. Just swipe left or right / right or left to make the walls. How you draw the wall affects the way Jrump leaps: he jumps 90 degrees if you draw a straight line, but otherwise his jump is 60 or 70 degrees.

During the game you’ll need him to jump at an angle to avoid the Mexicans flying through the air waiting to strike. There are also bonuses and other power-ups you can get plus there are some features you can unlock the longer you’re able to keep Jrump up there. This is a casual game yes, but it’s a lot of fun. Just for the humor alone this is worth checking out.

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