Tako Bubble is a turn based platfomer with puzzle elements, and you control Tako the octopus to help in his quest to find his scattered beetle collection. With its colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay, it is ideal for casual players, but developer Noice2d made sure there is enough here for those who like a challenge.

There are dozens of levels in the game, but they are short and can be played in bursts, and the objective is to pop three bubbles to make it to the next level. Along the way you need to destroy or steer clear of the enemy.

You just swipe your finger anywhere to get Tako moving. Just remember that every time Tako moves so will your opponents, so the trick here is to make sure your movement will not put you at a disadvantage against your enemies. The simple mechanics makes this an attractive option for those who do not want to play complicated games.

Tako Bubble is an enjoyable puzzle game. It has elements similar to other puzzle platformers so the learning curve is not that steep. You do however, need to work on the turns especially if the corners are tight. That is part of the challenge though and the user interface only helps make the game more enticing.

Tako Bubble sports a pixelated interface, similar to classic video games. The colors, sounds and style is perfectly suited for these platformers. The fact that the levels are short is another reason why it will appeal to a lot of gamers.

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