Are you unhappy with your current mobile browser or just want to try something different? How about giving Puffin Web Browser from CloudMosa a quick try. It is an alternative to Safari and the other mobile browsers, with features that include cloud protection, cloud downloading and Adobe Flash support among others.

The interface looks somewhat like Safari with the tabs set over the menu, and on mobile this leads to easier browsing. At the bottom of the screen you will see a digital keyboard button. Tap this to bring out your mobile’s keyboard and you will be able to type quickly. In addition there is a digital trackpad which produces an onscreen trackpad or pointer.

The onscreen pointer is very useful for using forms, something that is hard to do on mobile with your finger. If you’re a gamer you will also like the gamepad as it works well for games that are flash based.
Of course those are all extras and what really matters is the browsing experience, which fortunately is pretty good. The Puffin Browser is fast, runs smoothly and doesn’t crash even if multiple tabs are opened. Scrolling websites is smooth and pages load fast.

There is a paid version of the Puffin Web Browser, which allows you to fully enjoy the flash features. However if all you are after is the regular browsing experience, then the free Puffin Web Browser will do.

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