The Tor browser is all about anonymizing your presence online. Officially known as the Tor Browser Bundle connects you to a network that allows for complete privacy, and it’s also free and easy to use. While browsers offer varying degrees of privacy, Tor is on another level.

Tor consists of a self-extracting package with the browser as well as a program for connecting to the Tor network. Simply extract the package and click “Start Tor Browser.” The network connection initiation starts, and you just need to wait for it to finish. When it’s done, your connection is secured and the browser starts up so you can browse.

The Tor browser is a modified version of Firefox so the buttons and tabs look familiar. The browsing experience may not feel that different, but the difference lies in the way the browser runs on the Tor network. When you’re connected, your web traffic is encrypted and processed via anonymous nodes before reaching its final destination. The security and privacy is such that the browser was used in Egypt and other countries that restrict online use, so it really works.

If there is one drawback to Tor, it is your browsing will be a little slower than usual as your connection is routed through anonymous nodes. Of course if you’ve got a fast Internet connection this probably won’t be a problem anyway. And Tor is not likely the browser you’ll use every day as it’s only necessary when you have to deal with sensitive information.

If you want complete privacy when browsing certain websites or engaged in other online activities, Tor is worth a look.

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