Your mobile device has a mobile browser and there are a number of popular options as well, so why bother with DuckDuckGo Browser? When you install and open the app it does not look too different, with the address bar and standard buttons. What sets DuckDuckGo Browser apart though is the level of privacy it provides.

You can use DuckDuckGo as a regular browser, but the key is you decide what information the browser allows websites to gain access to. You can continue browsing as usual, but your online activities will not be logged in the browser history. This does not affect browser performance and it is a great feature if you do not want to leave tracks when you go to specific websites.

Want to know if the website you visit is spying? Press the letter on the address bar and DuckDuckGo gives you its privacy rating, with “A” being very secure. The best thing about the browser though is the high privacy settings are turned on by default.

This means if you are a casual user, there is no need to tinker with the settings but still assured your privacy is protected. Even with all these security features the browser is fast and does not cause your mobile to crash.

And once you are done and want a quick exit, press the bottom icon. Any personal data you left is removed. With privacy a major cause of concern these days, it is not surprising that DuckDuckGo and its mobile browser are now considered the main alternative to other browsers.

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