Maxthon is not as well known as the other browsers, but it actually has enough features to match them. A product of Maxthon International, it has two display modes; Retro and Ultra. Retro mode is for old websites created with legacy tools. Ultra Mode is for the latest websites. The browser uses the appropriate mode so pages display faster.

There are a bunch of other extras included: ad and pop-up blockers, multisearch, autofill and drag and drop. You can do screen captures, translate languages, get feeds and take notes.

The browser installs quickly. The tabbed interface is similar to those of other browsers. What sets it apart are the aforementioned toolbar apps. You can also customize the toolbars so only your favorite functions appear.

Bookmarks from other web browsers can be imported as HTML. Its Favorites menu will look familiar to you.

Validated websites have a Safe icon. You can find out more info by clicking the icon. Its Ad Hunter feature works very well to stop pop-ups from appearing. An icon makes it easy to toggle it on or off. There is even a button to silence websites that play music or sounds when they load. This is a really cool feature.

But Maxthonís best feature is the dual mode. The square on the address bar changes from yellow to blue to indicate which mode / renderer is active. You can switch between the two modes manually. What becomes obvious is the speed difference when using the modes. Itís a unique feature that isnít found yet on any other browser. Speed, reliability and support for numerous add-ons make this worth a try.

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