Do you want to design your own home in 2D or 3D? Planner 5D from UAB Planner5D is one app that you may want to try. This free app comes with more than 150 items you can use to create your dream home, and if you thought building a house takes too much work, Planner 5D shows you how easy it is.

Once the app has been installed you create an account or sign via Facebook. To start you just select a floor plan and choose shapes to make the rooms. Click the shape you want and drag to increase the size and add more walls. You can also specify the dimensions if you want to be more specific.

To create custom shapes, right click one of the walls and select symbol for split wall. Now you just have to drag the wall and create a new shape. You can zoom in to see the details of your home and the grid keeps the walls straight. As you create the various sections in your home, label them appropriately, i.e. living room, dining room etc.

Once you’re done with the ground floor and want to add another, just click the floor drop down menu and choose “add new floor”. As for the furniture, doors and windows you just have to drag and drop, and you can adjust the heights of the windows and doors.

Planner 5D is a lot easier than it may seem as the controls are intuitive. If you’ve always wanted to build your own home but thought it was too taxing, Planner 5D lets you do it on your computer.

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