Chill, definitely chill. Mmyykk, a “multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter and synth wizard” brings us his latest release (July, 2016) – Astral Beat Theories Vol. 2. The album is a compilation of 5 tracks, intertwined with fun synth variations and soulful sounds of Mmyykk’s voice. A perfect blend of drums, guitars, and electronic goodness for the long drive home or for that evening in.


Forever [And A Day] starts off with sounds that will make you feel as if you are floating somewhere in space, quickly following with what only reminded me of that an 80s beat. It is a fun journey into the cosmos, one that will make you understand why under Genre, Mmyykk wrote AstroBeat.

Summer Sun ties everything into one. It’s soulful, with sweet hints of RnB. It’s bright and will certainly fill your days with positive vibes if you give it a go, from deep beginning slowly sending us towards upbeat and rhythmic chorus. Don’t miss this one out.

Finding a fresh album is a bit of a feat these days. There is a sea of new music but it’s a bit harder to find one that stands out from the crowd, hopefully with FrostClick, that at times impossible task will become a bit easier. Enjoy.

1. Find My Tribe
2. Forever [And a Day]
3. Square One
4. Summer Sun
5. Reminisce [Interpretation]

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