You think soul is dead? Paul Janeway and his gang are set to prove you dead wrong.

St. Paul and The Broken Bones have just released their first full-length album last February 2014, and it’s one rockin’ bag of ‘bones’ every audio hound will devour. They’ve released a 4-tune sampler, Greetings From, of what they can offer and judging from what we heard: it’s more than enough to get you movin’, 70’s style!

Put on your “Sugar Dyed Honey Pants” upon playing the EP, and you’ll instantly hear one helluva party tune that’s both familiarly entertaining yet dazzlingly original. Same is true with the closing track, “Champagne Halloween,” which roughly sounds like the musical equivalent of a booze-fueled party.

Pocket Change” opens with riffs like the Aerosmith song “Crazy” (we suspect they’re inspired by the ballad), but the lyrics are all original and amazing — swan song for the roaring ’20s. However, we simply can’t ignore our favorite, “Broken Bones & Pocket Change,” a perfect slow dance romp that will undeniably melt the stone-cold icy hearts of neo-soul skeptics everywhere.

One of the best new acts of 2014 so far. Get familiar!

Track listing:
1. Sugar Dyed Honey Pants
2. Broken Bones & Pocket Change
3. Pocket Change
4. Champagne Halloween

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