Chill Carrier: Sunday Classics, Vol. 2

How would your most chill Sunday morning look? If you just imagined it surrounded with chill downbeat/electronic sounds you are in luck as Sunday Classics, Vol.2 by no other than Chill Carrier is right here to treat you to the most chill 13 tracks, all free and under Creative Commons. So carry on.

Psymun: heartsick

Sometimes, all we need is a chill mood setter to go with those introspective moments. The enigmatic Psymun‘s the guy for the job. At only 21 years old “who smokes crack everyday”, he’s definitely on a creative high (got the pun?) as his sixth EP just rolled out last December.

Dr. Wylie: Wiggle

DJ/Producer Dr. Wylie inches his way to indie prominence with his latest musical offering, Wiggle. Jampacked with ten tracks of pure electronic goodness, this album will give you a steady hook, just like his previously arranged and produced mixtapes of Toussaint Morrison.