Android is a solid operating system, but one of its weaknesses is switching between apps – yes, it can be kind of clumsy. Now with SwipePad from Calcium Ion Ltd you can switch between those apps more easily. While other competitors take a long time to learn and consume too many resources, SwipePad is a bit different.

Some apps take forever to learn and are just not worth the hassle, but SwipePad makes things so much simpler. Once you have installed the app all you have to do is swipe your finger at any corner of your device’s screen and the app switcher appears. Now you just pick the app you want to use and it will switch.

That is really all there is to using SwipePad and that is the nice thing about it. One of the problems with most switch apps is they force you to hold the home button down to switch between your apps. This is where SwipePad is different because it relies on hotspots, i.e. the display corners.

Suppose you’ve got Chrome open and want to check Snapchat. Rather than hold the home button, just drag your finger from one of the corners to the middle of the screen and SwipePad appears with a list of all your open apps. If you have a lot of apps open, just hover your finger and choose the one you want to switch to and that’s it. You can customize SwipePad so when you drag the bottom right corner it shows a list of your favorite games, the top left your apps and the top right corner your widgets.

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