The Daily Vroom app is all about nurturing your baby’s mind. There is no shortage of scientific evidence which shows that the first five years of your child’s life is when their brains develop most quickly and most receptive to new information. With this app, interaction with your child becomes both fun and educational.

Daily Vroom is a learning app, but it doesn’t need any additional tools to use. The interface is easy to understand: just choose one of the activities available and follow the simple instructions. There are more than a dozen categories and interactions, all of which will stimulate your child’s brain.

The categories include changing diapers, meal time, bedtime, laundry, cleanup, play time, getting dressed and so on. Each one contains different types of activities that you can do. You could for example, engage in leaf matching or show her how to match objects with the same color… or you can teach them about textures or count. These are just examples as there are many other activities that you’ll be able to engage your baby with.

Daily Vroom has different features, but the goal is the same, to stimulate their brain while you go about your daily tasks. Whether you’re changing diapers, going to the doctor, playing or doing chores, the activities keep your child engaged while learning at the same time.

Daily Vroom is a fun way to bond with your child, and it’s also based on science. All the activities have a Brainy Background which explains how it helps your child’s brain development. The app is designed for children of different ages, and you can customize the features by going to the Settings. And the more you use Daily Vroom, the more features you will be able to unlock.

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