Experience the first-ever city builder designed for augmented reality! My Country from Game Insight is a city building sim, and while it’s not the first of its kind on mobile, its smart design and engaging gameplay will keep you interested. You can choose to build compact interconnected cities or a single large one, but either way, you’ve got to manage your resources to see that metropolis grow.

You start with one road and from there collect funds and employ the citizens to create buildings and to handle services. Set in isometric view, My Country also requires you to finish different tasks to help your small city grow. That sounds like a lot of work but no worries as the early levels serve as tutorials.

My Country provides challenges and tasks that push you towards city building so it’s not like you’re just haphazardly putting structures around. This is different from the usual desktop based city builders, but it works well for mobile because it lets you leave the game and come back later to see your progress.

You’ll also be reminded of what tasks to complete when you return. The process is straightforward: you’ll be asked to construct a specific type of building. Next, you need to hire someone to do it, paying them of course. Aside from buildings you also need to balance the commercial, residential and industrial sectors and also leave room for trees and parks.

There’s a lot to do in My Country, but it’s fun and should keep you occupied for a while. For city building buffs, this is worth checking out.

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