Do you like traveling to Europe or go backpacking in Asia? Then Hostelworld by Web Reservations International is for you. This app offers you a wide choice of the most affordable lodging places around the world. More than 36,000 hotels, hostels, and B&Bs are covered in more than 170 countries.

If you have just arrived and have not yet booked, tap “Current Location” and the app quick search will look for the cheapest hostel nearest you. You can also enter the date for the duration of your stay and how many people are with you, and the app will find a suitable spot.

You can also use different currencies as well as the distance. Hostelworld also lets you filter the search results by budget, rating and accommodation style. Reviews for the hostels and hotels are included so you get the pros, cons, and proximity to tourist spots and landmarks.

When you find an interesting hostel, tap the tab and you will get more information including location and a map. Accommodation and amenities are included. As for the booking, Hostelworld makes it easy plus you get to choose from the cheapest available options.

The rates per room/bed are shown so you know how much you will spend. The process is quick as you just need to provide your name, contact info, time of arrival and date. You can also re-use and cancel your pre-deposit for bookings in the future. Overall, Hostelworld is a very useful app for those who like to travel a lot.

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