The Simple Carnival: Girls

Vintage is cool again, and one-man band The Simple Carnival isn’t the attraction to be left behind. Once you pop in the Girls EP, memories of good ol’ beach-ready radio in the 70′s hearken back to mind, which is exactly the correct description. The Beach Boys and Hall & Oates will surely laud the outcast-appreciating, stalker anthem “Really Really Weird”, as well as those unforgettable summer memories, which are summoned by “Caitlin’s On The Beach”.

Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre

The Brontë sisters really know how to cook up a definitive love story, and Jane Eyre is a prime example. Regarded as an important piece in English literature, Jane Eyre’s dark undertones have also made it a prototype in Gothic fiction. The novel tells the story of the titular character, Jane, as she escapes from her abusive situation at Lowood, and then goes on to become a much-adorned governess at Thornfield Hall.

The Warm Fuzzies: Fuzz of the Month

So, what’s the ‘fuzz’ of the month all about? Why, it’s no other than The Warm Fuzzies’ geek-tastic EP! Released in 2011, The Fuzz of the Month is the band’s planned year-long project, where they release one track per month. However, the holiday seasons must have kept them fuzzy in the pj’s, so the EP fell short of 2 tracks; the released 10 are still great, though.