Vintage is cool again, and one-man band The Simple Carnival isn’t the attraction to be left behind.

Once you pop in the Girls EP, memories of good ol’ beach-ready radio in the 70’s hearken back to mind, which is exactly the correct description. The Beach Boys and Hall & Oates will surely laud the outcast-appreciating, stalker anthem “Really Really Weird”, as well as those unforgettable summer memories, which are summoned by “Caitlin’s On The Beach”.

The latter tracks step onto laid-back Bee Gees territory; “Misery” is the thematic sequel to “How Deep Is Your Love” while Barry Gibb might just belt out the toe-tapping “Flirt”.

By the end you’ve finished listening to the EP, you’ll be glad you went through those musical pastiches. Jeff Boller, the ‘pop brainchild’ behind the project, intentionally had this unique vein of experimental easy listening in mind during its inception.

It’s one carnival ride you wouldn’t want to get off from.

Track listing:
1. Really Really Weird
2. Caitlin’s On The Beach
3. Misery
4. Flirt

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