CloneSpy – scan and get rid of file copies, free up HDD space

CloneSpy is a freeware utility used to scan for file duplicates. It includes quite a user friendly interface, allowing you to choose and insert different folders and files into separate pools for scanning. It also contains a deletion utility, allowing you to either automatically or manually delete any duplicate files found. You can scan entire hard drives, volume masses, and...well, anything with one click, making it an extremely practical and useful application.

Scott’s Space Invaders – bringing back the classics

Scott's Space Invaders is a restoration of the extremely popular game everyone used to play down at the arcades, Space Invaders. The restored game contains all of the original features, in the aspect that the overall feel and look of the game remains original, however, improves in the user friendliness department, making the game less troublesome. Scott's Space Invaders is a sleek and dynamic design, paying the original game it's much deserved credence.

Coffee Break PacMan

Coffee Break PacMan is a small replica of the arcade game – PacMan. This small game application combines the simple design of the original game with everyday working convenience. This is the perfect little game for you to open up (like it’s name suggests) during your ‘coffee break’.