Paper Tiger: Everyone Here

Paper Tiger is made up of two Dutch guys who have a penchant for creating upbeat, fun, acoustic indie pop songs deserving of a listen. This is the boys debut compilation and it was released under New Zealand netlabel (and home to glorious indie folk pop,) Beep Beep Back The Truck Up! Although the duo, Chris (Regtop) and Témy (Phem), have been friends since they were young; it wasn't until the last several years and after stints in punk as well as indie bands, did they decide to pursue their passion for indie pop with Paper Tiger. Together, they write songs about mundane things in life; accompanying it with gorgeous melodies and sometimes quirky lyrics.

Kursed: Like a Coffee

The cover for Like a Coffee might look like one of those bossa nova records you see lying around in Starbucks, but the fact is, this compilation is far from anything bossa nova. The record is a tipsy, indie grunge rock affair from three guys from Montpellier, France. This is the band's second record. Their first album, Psychotic Lowland, was a success; obtaining great reviews from listeners in Jamendo. Like a Coffee is much like their first album, only a bit more tighter and incorporates more experimental sounds in the process. Kursed has been around since 2003. Thanks to their art rock/experimental sound they're easily winning listeners left and right.

I the Mighty: Hearts and Spades

Plenty of reviewers have been comparing I The Mighty to bands like Say Anything; the similarities aren't difficult to spot though. Their sound is a great mix of punk rock tinged with an indie touch along with similar (but more subdued) lyrics compared to something you'll hear blurted out from the Say Anything boys. Hearts and Spades is a beautifully produced debut EP from the foursome. It's offered for free right on their BandCamp page since the boys say "they would rather share their music than make a few extra bucks." Their sound occasionally jumps between indie, alternative, to sometimes progressive rock; with full-blown guitar fests to match. It's a nice little semi-loud compilation that should get you started on your day.

The Bear Season: If We Sink Together EP

One of the latest pop punk bands to emerge from Le Pork Records' roster, The Bear Season is a must check out if you love your mix of pop and punk. This six piece crew is a relatively new band, having just formed back in 2010. Despite being newbies in the business, they're definitely showing plenty of promise. Their debut EP is a great mix of catchy, classic power pop tracks that will make you think of Yellowcard and Motion City Soundtrack with a modern touch. If We Sink Together EP comes with 6 tracks and offered absolutely free under a Creative Commons license.

Telepathic Teddy Bear: Reactions

Reactions is one of those records you can put on in a cool house party and leave it playing for a good long time. It's filled with both fun and energetic dance beats as well as quiet electronic pop songs. Telepathic Teddy Bear is actually the pet project of Juan Carlos Padilla; a Mexican singer-songwriter from Monterrey, Nuevo León but currently based in Boston. The artist has been active in the local Monterrey music scene for some time but it wasn't until late 2010 where he finally managed to release his first EP under the moniker. Reactions is his first full length album. It's a wonderful mix of pop, electronica and indiepop meant for casual listening.

Lyndsie Alguire: Suspended in Light

It's not often that I write about purely instrumental music, but I just could not let this one go without a good review. Suspended in Light might have it's weak spots here and there overall, however, the combination of the beautiful piano melodies and occasional violin contributions all dressed up in some modern enchanting electronic sounds seem to work just perfectly. So if you are looking for something to keep you company throughout the long workday, Lyndsie Alguire's compositions might just be your answer.

Archipelago: Have Here

What started as a post college project has become a full blown musical endeavor for Archipelago founder, Peter Naddeo. Born in the Appalachian trail of Blue Mountain, the singer/songwriter is currently doing double duties for several bands. Most notably, he plays guitar for indie folk pop group, Laura and the Cans. Have Here is the eighth release from the collective. Their ability to change things up is providing a whole new landscape of sound in their compilations; garnering positive results from musicians and fans alike. Some of their previous releases include Teenage Suicide Notes, Paper Trails EP, Hollow Bones EP, and Coasting to name a few.

My Bubba & Mi: Wild & You

Back with another lovely and sweet compilation, My Bubba & Mi just recently released a 5-track EP, Wild & You. Coated with beautiful folk melodies that the girls are known for, this mini-EP is filled with delightful cuts perfect for quiet and relaxing afternoons. The group is actually a trio, formed by three ladies who have a knack for creating some of the most gorgeous folk lullabies to serenade your ears. Their first full length album, How It's Done in Italy, was featured here in Frostclick a couple of months back. Their sound has gained a positive response from the listeners who have taken a liking to the band's self-dubbed "lullabies from the countryside."

Carrie Ryan: This Road

Listening to a Carrie Ryan record makes you want to rush over to a poppy field overlooking a beautiful scenery and stay there enjoying the wonders of nature. This Road is the first full length record from Ryan. She wrote and recorded all of the songs while still in high school. Much of the songs are about her personal experiences, about people and events around her. This 9-track compilation is filled with acoustic folk songs that resonate with Ryan's endearing, angelic voice. Her voice is surprisingly mature and you wouldn't even think that she recorded this at such a young age.