The Juliets: Perfect Season

After the successful self-titled debut album, The Juliets are poised to take over the music scene. Formed in late 2008, the five-piece band of Jeremy Freer (piano/guitar/vocals), Sarah Myers (violin/vocals) and Kaylan Mitchell (cello) manages to seize new-age pop and classical music, applying their own twist with a violin and cello. Perfect Season is produced by the band along with Dave Feeney and was recorded during February and March this year. It introduces the addition of Ashton Hopkins (bass) and Jaclyn Phillips (drums) producing a 12-track record of raved up, string-heavy music.

You Me and Apollo: Cards with Cheats

For moments when all you need is a sweet voiced singer with his guitar serenading your quiet afternoon; You Me and Apollo should make really good company. The guy behind this sonic ensemble is Brent Cowles. A pastor's son from Fort Collins, Cowles started writing and creating songs at the age of 14. Thanks to an early start, he developed a beautiful sound that resonates with both quiet and upbeat tempos, mesmerizing vocal work and skillful guitars. Simplicity and intrigue are both present in his work, something that makes you want to tune out the world and simply tune in to his songs.

The Willow and The Builder

The Willow & The Builder is an indie folk duo straight from Connecticut. Their music intertwines carefully sculpted melodies with gorgeous lyrics ready to wake up all of the winter spirits from the deep sleep. Released in October 2011, this 8 track self-titled album is filled with mesmerizing sounds of violin, trombone, viola, flute, trumpet, and masterfully sequenced drum additions, that should not be missed by anyone in need for some quality indie intervention!

Inch Chua: Wallflower

Inch Chua is a talented singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist (yep, she does it all) coming to us straight from Singapore. As an opening act for both Katy Perry & Vampire Weekend, and a first Singapore solo artist to be invited to the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas, she has already established herself as a tough act to follow and a musician with a bright future. Her sound stands in the crossroads between early Gwen Stefani and Lisa Loeb, and her little creations will certainly make you sway left and right as you switch between the lovely melodies of Wallflower, the latest full album.

Salvador: Rite of Passage

There's hardly anything about Salvador online but sometimes you don't really need that much information to enjoy the music. Rite of Passage is a one man band headed by Omar Khan. A young acoustic folk pop musician who likes to sing about the quiet things in life. This short record is purely DIY. Omar produced, recorded, wrote the songs and played the instruments, save on percussion which was provided by Raphael Guirguis. The album is a warm, lo-fi acoustic folk record that makes me think of Elliott Smithand a subdued Bright Eyes in certain places. It's perfect for a quiet and relaxing afternoon where all that matters is your thoughts.

Entertainment for the Braindead: Roadkill

Entertainment for the Braindead is a moniker taken on by Julia Kotowski, a one woman band hailing from Cologne, Germany. Roadkill is the 5th full compilation from the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist. Known for her gorgeous folk music, this latest album is no exception. The record was born out of the artists desire to explore a new instrument, particularly the banjo. Playing with sweet reverie, her songs are filled with the beautiful strings of this country style instrument. Julia has been releasing music since 2007. Her first album Hypersomnia along with all her other releases are licensed under a Creative Commons and offered for free.

Paper Tiger: Everyone Here

Paper Tiger is made up of two Dutch guys who have a penchant for creating upbeat, fun, acoustic indie pop songs deserving of a listen. This is the boys debut compilation and it was released under New Zealand netlabel (and home to glorious indie folk pop,) Beep Beep Back The Truck Up! Although the duo, Chris (Regtop) and Tmy (Phem), have been friends since they were young; it wasn't until the last several years and after stints in punk as well as indie bands, did they decide to pursue their passion for indie pop with Paper Tiger. Together, they write songs about mundane things in life; accompanying it with gorgeous melodies and sometimes quirky lyrics.

Kursed: Like a Coffee

The cover for Like a Coffee might look like one of those bossa nova records you see lying around in Starbucks, but the fact is, this compilation is far from anything bossa nova. The record is a tipsy, indie grunge rock affair from three guys from Montpellier, France. This is the band's second record. Their first album, Psychotic Lowland, was a success; obtaining great reviews from listeners in Jamendo. Like a Coffee is much like their first album, only a bit more tighter and incorporates more experimental sounds in the process. Kursed has been around since 2003. Thanks to their art rock/experimental sound they're easily winning listeners left and right.