What is there to say about Goodbye Kumiko? Well maybe the fact that there is nearly nothing I could find on the artists standing behind the album… So let the music speak for itself. My Wild Arms is a wonderful collection of ten tracks, each with it’s own flavor. They come in all shapes and sizes and range from the Beatlelesque cuts to chamber-pop sounds with some dream like instrumental and piano additions.

The album, recorded in Philadelphia with Bill Moriarty (Man Man, Dr. Dog, et al), is currently offered as a pay what you want/free download from the bands’ Bandcamp website, so enjoy every bit of its wonderful chill out sounds.

Our little musical adventure begins with Bicycle Waltz, enthusiastic and cheerful piano melody accompanied by sounds of accordion and some chorus like voices stepping in as we go along. This fully instrumental piece perfectly paves a way for the rest of the compositions. So what follows? Exclamation Point with one of the catchiest choruses (yes, it just might make you sing along); Oakland, bringing it’s previously mentioned Beatlelesque, Brit-pop flavor, the repeating guitar strumming, and melody that will keep you tapping your fingers till the very end; Harbor Light Rag which will make you feel like you are listening to a live music at a restaurant straight from early 1900s; and Sleeping In, with it’s 1970s rock-alike stunning electric guitar infused beginning.

Goodbye Kumiko produces a blend of truly unique sounds that are easy on the ear and which, with its cheerful melodies, will light up any day with optimistic delight. So go ahead and give it a try!

Goodbye Kumiko is:

Two brothers who once dreamed of being great cartoonists, but have gotten sidetracked along the way. They currently live in Los Angeles.

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