Transport Empire

Transport Empire is a free to play title from Game Insight, and if you’ve played classic transport games on computers before, the mechanics will be familiar. Here you take responsibility for the logistics and transport services for a particular location, but it has been designed for mobile and works well.

Ace Fishing: Paradise Blue

Ace fishing Paradise Blue is a fishing game for the iOS. Developed by Com2US Games, it takes you into the world of fishing and some stunning destinations along the way. Aside from some really eye catching 3D graphics, you’ll also get to interact with the fishes, and since there’s physics involved, fishing here can be challenging.

3D Boat Race

3D Boat Race is a free racing game from A Trillion Games, but it’s more than just an ordinary racer as you can customize your ride before racing in one hundred tracks. Not only are there numerous tracks, but there are multiple modes as well and you can challenge other players via the leaderboard as well.

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion from Crowdstar is the game for lovers of style. With it you can dress with various accessories and clothes and virtually shop and buy all the major brands. If you’re the type who’s always wanted to dress and style up, this app would be the perfect way to express yourself.

Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo from Milkbag Games is a simulation game in which you undertake the task of building a zoo where parties can be held so your animals can have some fun. While there are a lot of simulation titles on the iOS, this game has taken a different approach that should please fans of the genre and win new ones over easily.

The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2

The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 is a resource management game that will require you to construct temples while keeping your enemies at bay. The sequel to the original hit Pyramid Rising, Bloodbuzz Studios has returned with a title that offers better graphics and more stuff to build and maintain.

Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor Free is a building simulation game where you play the role of a master builder who has to build different types of bridges. The game, courtesy of developer Headup Games GMBH, requires skills and strategies as you’ll need to make sure your bridge is built for heavy duty use.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a pool game where you can fine tune your skills and then challenge the best out there. Courtesy of developer Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool sports some very nice graphics and comes with plenty of engaging gameplay options, including one on one and tournaments.

Shipwrecked: Lost Island

Shipwrecked: Lost Island is an adventure strategy game from Kiwi . Its all about a ship crew that gets stranded on an island, so now you and your party have to build a civilization and make it prosper. This isn’t just your regular resource management game, as it combines adventure, strategy and there are secrets here too.