3D Boat Parking Simulator

The 3D Boat Parking Simulator from Play with Friends is the game that allows you to experience what it is like to be a sea captain on the high seas. The publisher has released other parking-type games, but this one sets a high standard for graphics, physics and some really cool gameplay.

Pocket Trains

Pocket Trains from game developer Nimblebit is going to have you grow and manage railroads and do related tasks. This is a riveting simulation game where you haul cargo, gather parts and create trains. There’s a lot to do here but it is not so difficult you’ll get tired of it. In fact you will want to keep coming back for more.

CastleVille Legends

CastleVille Legends from Zynga is a trading and economics game that at the same time doubles as a medieval life simulation. This game isn’t as difficult as it sounds, as it comes with the usual quests and crafting you have come to expect from Zynga. But there are elements here that you don’t see in other games.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out has long been one of the most popular games on the iOS and it’s easy to see why. Its developer, Electronic Arts has made it possible for you to live in the world of Springfield and see all your favorite Simpsons characters come to life.

Hay Day

Hay Day by game developer Supercell gives you an opportunity to experience life in the farm. In this game you’ve been given one of your own and it’s your job to tend to it by harvesting corn and crops, raising chickens and other animals. You also have to perform a host of other tasks to sustain the farm.

Small Street

Small Street is an “economy building” game, but rather than construct a tower where your residents can live in, this one will have you building a town and a strip mall. Created by Glu Games, it allows you to build shops, apartments and restaurants, populate them and find employment for your citizens.

Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes from NimbleBit is a unique type of airline sim as you try and manage a cargo of planes. You begin with just a few planes, but as the game progresses you can unlock jumbo jets and move from small towns to large cities. Unlike other sim games, it requires strategy and a large world to explore.