Bridge Constructor Free is a building simulation game where you play the role of a master builder who has to build different types of bridges. The game, courtesy of developer Headup Games GMBH, requires skills and strategies as you’ll need to make sure your bridge is built for heavy duty use.

There are several levels in the game and each one is different so you’ll need to develop unique strategies. In some levels you’ll be building bridges over rivers while in others it will be set over canals, valleys and other locations. In addition there will be stress tests done to determine if your bridge was built correctly and if it can withstand trucks, cars and the large tank trucks.

Bridge Constructor gives you plenty of options with regards to the materials you can use such as concrete pillars, cables, steel or wood. However, you need to balance your choice of material with the budget and make sure it doesn’t go over. Also, you need to strategize carefully and make certain the solution you choose is the right one for the situation.

Bridge Constructor is a unique game, and it offers you many different ways to build the perfect bridge. Also, the refined grid system in the game makes it possible for you to build bridges to the exact specs, and there’s even a free building mode included. If you’re new to Bridge Constructor there’s no need to worry as there is a help guide included. The fact that you can unlock hidden levels and worlds makes this even more fun.

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